In the wake of the collapse of virtual assets (cryptocurrency) LUNA and TerraUSD (UST)

CoinDesk US calculated by combining voting rights for each mainnet of the hash remaining in the on-chain data without separating them, which means that it was calculated by combining them even though the timing of each data should be different. The main net that is operating in Terra as of 20 days in Korean time is Columbus 5. According to this, Hashid’s voting rights are 13,255,068LUNA.

An interview with an economist who predicted the LUNA situation.

Professor Brunton warned, “What can be said for sure is that the current virtual currency boom is a speculative bubble that we have seen in the past,” adding, “If the bubble bursts, many people will lose a lot of money and there will be a huge aftermath.” 바이비트 한글 However, Professor Brunton predicted that virtual currency would not disappear after the bubble burst, but rather emerge as new technologies and industries in name and reality.